New Perspectives

Poulson Strategic assists entrepreneurs, principals, leaders and primary investors to reassess their goals and realign their operations.  John Poulson’s 35 years as a senior trusted adviser to business leaders across a broad range of industries provides him a unique strategic perspective. Deep experience in Operations, Marketing, Business Development, and Sales informs Mr. Poulson’s innovative High-tech/High-touch approach to business development. He brings that experience and approach to businesses seeking a return to right relationship with their goals. 

Poulson Strategic brings real-world enterprise experience, tempered with sharp insight and mature judgment, to help business owners re-evaluate their operations, identify strengths and weaknesses, implement best strategies, capitalize on opportunities, and mitigate threats.  Owners and managers of emerging businesses often pour heart and soul into their firms while losing sight of the underlying components of their success.  All enterprises hit development plateaus which can be challenging to surmount. Management teams may be caught in constant triage mode, disengaged from long-term goals.

Poulson Strategic helps organizations set goals based on a review of their business model. In partnership with management, a detailed strategy is developed– one designed to meet specific and measurable goals. Metrics to gauge results are agreed upon.  Responsibilities are broken down between leadership and staff roles to implement the tactics necessary to assure intended results. A strong organization executing a well-conceived strategy will allow management to evaluate internal operations while providing the freedom to look outside the company and evaluate economic conditions, market trends, and competitors.