John Poulson: 
the Man and the Method

…command and control instead of triage

John “JP” Poulson excels in strategic thinking and planning— skills well-honed as a lad in Massachusetts while captaining his family’s lobster boat. On the rough Atlantic waters, he mastered weather, sea state, tides and season, learning early in life to make prudent real-time decisions. 

A lifelong sailor, JP raced Olympic-class boats on the US Sailing team in the 1980 Olympic trials. JP became an in-demand navigator and tactician on racing boats due to his ability to think outside the boat. More recently he’s participated in world-wide trekking adventures, including a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro and demanding treks in the Everest and Annapurna regions of Nepal and the Karakorum in India. These life experiences have helped develop a very thoughtful and insightful individual.

When providing business consulting services, JP brings to bear 35 years of leadership in a variety of industries. He has decades of experience as a senior trusted adviser to business owners and management groups in manufacturing, engineering, environmental, and construction companies. At these companies, JP introduced and executed strategic initiatives  which exceeded expectations and were catalyst for great changes.

“My success stems from my ability to build trust with CEO’s which produces a fruitful, detailed discussion of their business. I use various methods to ensure that I understand the direction the CEO wants to go. I do my homework and deliver a precisely targeted strategic plan to accomplish those goals. Once a strategy is in place, accomplishing the goal becomes tactical and specific roles and tasks are identified in order to complete these tasks and support the plan. We restore management to command and control instead of triage and tactical roles”.

JP, his wife Dr. Joan Steidinger, a noted sports psychologist and author, and their two golden retrievers, live on Mt. Tamalpais in the San Francisco bay area. When not working, they can be found outdoors on the local trails or visiting out-of-the-ordinary locations around the world.  

For over 10 years, JP and Dr. Joan have supported the Freedom Children’s Welfare Center, an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal, raising funds for the education of the children at the Center. JP says, ”Joan and I raise the money, pack the duffels with donated clothes and school supplies, and drag it all to Nepal. It’s been our privilege to be involved in helping these kids thrive and grow.”